• East Texas Has An Amazing Variety of Wildlife

    East Texas Has An Amazing Variety of Wildlife

    One of our goals is to show and tell you about as much of the local wildlife as we can
  • East Texas Naturalist Blog & Photo Gallery

    East Texas Naturalist Blog & Photo Gallery

    Don't miss our blogs and photos where you can discover more about the treasures found all around us.
  • Our Naturalists Have a Wide Range of Interests

    Our Naturalists Have a Wide Range of Interests

    Those interests will be seen in the photographs and articles that we post.
  • The Smallest Inhabitants Can Be the Greatest Wonders

    The Smallest Inhabitants Can Be the Greatest Wonders

    If you look close you can find beauty and fascination that is easy to overlook
  • About the Photographs on This Website

    About the Photographs on This Website

    All photographs in our galleries on this website have been taken by the naturalists who post to this site
  • You Can Add to Our Website With Photographs or Articles

    You Can Add to Our Website With Photographs or Articles

    Use the Contact Us button on the menu to let us know what you would like to contribute
  • NETFO: Northeast Texas Field Ornithologists

    NETFO: Northeast Texas Field Ornithologists

    Visit the NETFO section for information about birding in east Texas. Read More
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HoneybeeOnFleabane110317 4FRONTPAGE 275East Texas Naturalists consists primarily of naturalists and photographers who wish to demonstrate the beauty and diversity of our local woods, lakes & waterways and wildlife.  We have the additional wish to assist others in the identification of the animals and plants of the area as well to provide information to help educate and inform others of the diverse ecosystems in east Texas.  We are joined in this task at times by biologists and scientists from both state and federal agencies.  

Ideally, we are working towards becoming THE place to start for anyone who wishes to know any aspect of plant and animal life in east Texas.  This includes being a source of places and events to help others enjoy all of our natural resources.    

We hope that by the use of our photographs and blogs that we can help spread awareness of the unique beauty that is really all around us.  With time, we will have more and more information to help identify plants and animals, as well as guides on where to find them.  


East Texans have a proud heritage of living close to nature.  Many of us are just plain and simple nature lovers. Others are fisherman, hunters, hikers, who all find their own ways of enjoying nature.  We all have a tremendous personal investment in nature and a duty to make sure that we honor our heritage by ensuring the natural resources are maintained.

We must do what we can to take care of our forests, our waterways, and our wildlife.  That begins with awareness.

One of our primary goals with this website is to spread awareness of the natural beauty of our region and help others to appreciate it as we do.


The NETFO (Northeast Texas Field Ornithologist) website is part of our community.  

Click here to go to the NETFO website.


This is not a closed website.  We welcome input from others who enjoy east Texas nature. Contact us if you would like to write an occasional article or would like to exhibit your photographs.  If you have ideas about particular sections of the website and would like to join us or contribute, we would love to talk with you.  Are you part of an East Texas nature group?  We may make a section of the site available for your group.  Everyone is also welcome to take part in our Talk Forum.  Got other ideas - let us know!


Our Latest Blogs

Bird Watching
Summer is not really the most popular time for birding in East Texas. There are likely two reasons for that.First and not surprisingly, East Texas summers are HOT. That definitely affects us birders. ...
I take thousands of photos each year - really. Out of that, there is a much smaller number that I end up keeping and an even smaller number that I post for others to see. Like last year, I went t...
For most of us self-taught photographers, there is a considerable learning curve as we begin to learn how to take "good" pictures. We normally progress a little at a time as we learn about exposure, l...
We had a big storm blow through the Lake O' the Pines area last night. For a while, the winds were rather fierce accompanied by a drumming rain that brought a bit of hail and just a touch of thunder a...
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