This website is a not for profit site whose purpose is to educate the public about nature in east Texas and its vast wealth of wildlife diversity.  All work is done by unpaid volunteers.  Costs involved with providing the site with server space, maintenance and access via the Internet are donated in their entirety by one of the volunteers.

All of the contributors are unpaid volunteers who share a love of nature and enjoy sharing their knowledge with others so they,too, can learn to better appreciate the wonders of east Texas.  If you would like to share your interests in east Texas nature by posting blogs or photographs, contact us using the Contact Us tab on the menu.  While we would welcome anyone with any interest in nature, we are especially needing to have more information on this site about trees, plants, mammals, insects, fish, and reptiles & amphibians.  However, anyone with the ability to share their knowledge and interest with any aspect of the outdoors is welcome.  

Current contributors live in or near Lake O' the Pines and Caddo Lake.  This is an east Texas nature information site and we need to have contributors from other parts of east Texas.  We would love to add members from the Tyler area, from Nacadoches, and anywhere remotedly considered east Texas.  Actually, with blogs in particular, our contributors could be from anywhere as long as the topics that are written about are pertinent to our area.  

Can't write or take pictures? Not a problem.  We have other tasks that you can help us with.  Contact us and we can talk about it.