Books trackingtreeswildflowersEast Texas has such an incredible number of plants and animals.  The wealth of species and variations is beyond anything one person could ever hope to know and understand.  It takes a lot of resources to be able to understand the different ecosystems here and to get even an idea of how many different bird species there are; how many plants; what kinds they are; and how to identify them.  

This website will never be able to provide all that information.  However, we will attempt to include as much information and references as we can.  Through time, we hope that this will be your starting point for anything about east Texas nature.  The information is certainly sparse right now, but we are actively adding to it and hope to have additional help soon.

One of the first additions to this section was an ID Guide to the Birds of Lake 0' the Pines which we will be expanding soon with a text section telling more about each species.  We have also added a list of local mammals and will be adding photos and details soon.  It is a start.  Expect more lists soon that will soon be expanding to being actual ID Guide. 

In the meantime, we hope the information that is here will be of assistance to you.