Common Names for Gatherings of Birds


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Birds in general -A flock of birds, a dissimulation of birds, volery of birds

Bitterns              A siege of bitterns, a sedge of bitterns

Chickens            A peep of chickens

Choughs             A chattering of choughs

Coots                  A cover of coots, a raft of coots

Cormorants       A flight of cormorants

Cranes                A sedge of cranes

Crows                A congress of crows, a murder of crows

Curlews            A herd of curlews 

Doves                 A dule of doves, a flight of doves, a dole of doves, a cote of doves, a piteousness of doves

                    Ducks                 A paddling of ducks, a raft of ducks, a team of ducks, a dopping of ducks

Dunlin                A fling of dunlin

Eagles                A convocation of eagles

Eggs                   A clutch of eggs

Falcons               A cast of falcons

Finches               A charm of finches, a trembling of finches

Flamingos          A flamboyance of flamingos

Geese                 A gaggle of geese, a skein of geese

Goldfinches       A charm of goldfinches

Goshawks           A flight of goshawks

Grouse                A brace of grouse, a covey of grouse

Guillemots        A bazaar of guillemots

Gulls                   A colony of gulls

Hawks                    A cast of hawks, a kettle of hawks, a cast of hawks

Hens (chickens)      A brood of hens

Herons                    A siege of herons

                              Hummingbirds      A charm of hummingbirds, a troubling of hummingbirds, a hover of hummingbirds

Jays                           A band of jays, party of jays 

Kingfishers             A concentration of kingfishers

Lapwings                 A deceit of lapwings 

Larks                     An exaltation of larks

Loons                     A raft of loons

Magpies                 A tiding of magpies

Mallards                 A sword of mallards, a flush of mallards, a puddling of mallards

Nightingales         A watch of nightingales

Owls                        A parliament of owls, a wisdom of owls

Parrots                  A company of parrots

Partridges             A covey of partridges 

Peacocks               An ostentation of peacocks, a muster of peacocks 

Penguins              A colony of penguins, huddles of penguins, a pride of penguins

                    Pheasants             A bouquet of pheasants, a covey of pheasants, a nye of pheasants, a nide of pheasants, a nest  of  pheasants

Quail                     A bevy of quail, a covey of quail

Pelicans                 A squadron of pelicans

Plovers                 A congregation of plovers, a wing of plovers, a leash of plovers

                   Ravens                   A conspiracy of ravens, an unkindness of ravens, a constable of ravens

Rooks                     A building of rooks, a parliament of rooks 

Snipe                       A walk of snipe, a wisp of snipe 

Sparrows               A host of sparrows, a quarrel of sparrows

Starlings               A murmuration of starlings

Storks                     A mustering of storks

Swallows               A flight of swallows 

                    Swans                     A ballet of swans, a bevy of swans, a herd of swans, a whiteness of swans

Teal                        A spring of teal 

Turtledoves         A pitying of turtledoves 

Turkeys                 A rafter of turkeys, a muster of turkeys

Waterfowl            A plump of waterfowl 

Woodcock             A fall of Woodcock 

Woodpeckers       A descent of woodpeckers


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