This is the start of the ID page for snakes of east Texas.  We will be adding photos and more information soon.   





 Texas Blind Snake

Leptotyphlops dulcis


 Mississippi Green Water Snake

Nerodia cyclopion


 Diamondback Water Snake

Nerodia r. rhombifer


Yellow-bellied Water Snake

Nerodia erythrogaster transversa


 Broad-banded Water Snake

Nerodia fasciata confluens


 Scarlet Snake

Cemophora coccinea


 Eastern Yellowbelly Racer

Coluber constrictor flaviventris


 Buttermilk Racer

Coluber constrictor anthicus


 Southern Ringneck Snake

Diadophis punctatus


 Great Plains Rat Snake

Elaphe guttata emoryi


 Texas Rat Snake

Elaphe obseleta


 Eastern Hognose Snake

Heterodon platyrhinos


 Speckled Kingsnake

Lampropeltis getula hollbrooki


 Prairie Kingsnake

Lampropeltis c. calligaster


 Louisiana Milk Snake

Lampropeltis triangulum amaura


 Rough Green Snake

Opheodrys aestivus


 Smooth Green Snake

Opheodrys vernalis


 Graham's Crayfish Snake

Regina grahamii


 Texas Brown Snake

Storeia dekayi texana


 Ground Snake

Sonora semiannulata


 Checkered Garter Snake

Thamnophis m. marcianus


 Western Ribbon Snake

Thamnophis p. proximus


 Lined Snake

Tropidoclonion lineatum


 Rough Earth Snake

Virginia striatula


 Texas Coral Snake

Micrurus fulvius tener


 Southern Copperhead

Agkistrodon c. contortrix


 Broad-banded Copperhead

Agkistrodon contortrix laticinctus


 Western Cottonmouth

Agkistrodon piscivorus leucostma


 Pygmy Rattlesnake

Sistrurus miliarius


 Timber Rattlesnake

Crotalus horridus