Eagle Update - Injured Eagle Near Nest Site on Lake O' the Pines

4J4A57014J4A57094J4A57104J4A57114J4A5726As I understand it, Robby Henderson with the Corps of Engineers had received a call on Thursday from some folks who said they had found an immature eagle on its back close to the nest that we all watched this past year, and with no apparent signs of injury.  Robby advised them to bring the bird to him on Friday, and he would try to locate a rehab facility.  

Now that's the big hurdle, because large bird rehab facilities are few and far between, and with funding cuts, even the ones in operation have a hard time.  Thankfully, Beverly Grage of Wild and Free Again in Lindale agreed to take this eagle, even though she is not accepting new birds due to the cost.  

At first sight, it was sad to see this beautiful bird upside down and lethargic in an undersized pet carrier, but also amazing to be able to touch the unbelievably soft feathers, the sharp talons, and that massive beak.  While getting everything arranged, we were able to get some water through a straw to the bird, and it seemed to come to life and hold the head upright - even trying to grab the straw.  

Robby met Beverly close to Lindale, and she said that she believes this is a female eagle, around one year of age.  He held her legs as Beverly gave her an injection, and he said there was still a lot of strength and power there.  Beverly also said that the window was closing quickly for this bird to be able to survive.  Let's all hope that she made it through the night and will be able to return to Lake O' the Pines to live out a long and prolific life, wild and free again!  


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Michael Mathews on Saturday, 05 November 2016 19:41
Thank you for the report

Thank you for the information and fantastic photos of "OUR" eagle. Please keep us informed.

Thank you for the information and fantastic photos of "OUR" eagle. Please keep us informed.
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